Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Glasgow Smiles Better!

Blockart - Best in Show!
Over the long weekend we had superb sunshine and everyone was in holiday mode.  Everyone including the Glasgow Baby and Toddler Fair customers, who stayed away in droves, allowing us stall holders to feel slightly dispirited, but mostly depressed as we all knew that this was the hottest weekend yet, and we were missing it!

I never set the Glasgow art world on fire, but as the fair was so quiet I was able to nose about and I did speak to lots of stall holders, and can share some of them with you today.

The first mention must go to my neighbour, Louise, who stocks Pregnancy wear in her online shop, Global Maternity.  Her stock is so pretty I saw people who were not pregnant making purchases!

Scallywags stocks bright, funky items.

The second mention is to the most bright and funky shop, called Scallywags.  On show were the most beautiful quality childrens toys and practical items, like this owl back pack.  I had to restrain myself, but they are online my will power may not make it!

Lastly is a company called Connell and Hart Glass.  Their crystal hand and foot imprints are divine beyond belief.  Superbly detailed prints of little hands and feet, I am desperate to get some...but I will have to sell some more blockart first!

For inspiring maternity wear visit:

For bright and funky childrens presents visit:

For gorgeous crystal imprints :

For super and amazing personalised art for babies and children:


  1. Hello there. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. Can totally relate to the dispirited feeling you get when all your potential customers are out there somewhere on holiday and you're not. The whole Easter and bank holiday, though great coupled with fantastic weather, was not so great for business owners across the land! Thankfully things are slowly getting back to normal! X

  2. Those foot & hand prints are amazing. I did my two's footprints at 9 & 16 weeks, but I wish we could of had both done new born as Little man was only 2lb 9oz & Mini man was 4lb 9oz & now I think its hard to actually comprehend their size. I'm on my phone at the mo but once I am on the lap top I will check out your art & the other sites, I love natty things, things that are different. Really liking the look of your blog. My big Passion at the mo is cake decorating!

  3. Hello guys, and thanks for your comments!