Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Babies Galore!

 Spring has definately sprung, and my friends are all having babies.  Along with the all new bairns comes new Baby Birth Print ideas.  I have immortalised one of my sons favourite teddies and Ted is now available by himself, as a Baby Birth Print, as a christening gift block - and in any colour at all, (but predictabley in pink and blue).

I also had a dedication request, which is similar to a christening or a naming ceremony.  I asked for some information from the Pastor and ended up with lots of highly relevant material - aargh.. almost too much.  After many hours in the shed, I finally emerged with a dedication block which I think is gorgeous!

Dedication...it's what you need!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Unique and unusual Mother's day gifts

Child's Personal Quote
Mother's Day Gift
Mother's day gifts are funny.  On a quest to find my mum a great mother's day gift, and looking for myself too, I have whittled down my wants to a top five:

  1. GraceInk design - Anything from Grace is on my top 5 list.  I managed to get my hands on one of GraceInk designs tea towels.  Too lovely to dry dishes on but a great piece of art. 
  2. Organic Anti Ageing Beauty Serum - I need all the help I can get, and the thought of sleeping and wakening to a smooth(er) face sounds pretty good. 
  3. Blockart Childrens Quote - Not on the high street but online.  (OK, I can guarantee I'll receive one of these really...!)
  4. A pen.  Not just any pen.  Rotring 0.12, which is about £25.  Bah.
  5. Slippers from M&S.  Yes, rock and Roll.  Keeps my feet warm in the shed.
What's on your list?

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Shabby Chic - or just Shabby?

Shabby Chic - or just shabby?
This chair is old...but not quite old enough.  Bought in the late '60's it is not quite retro enough to have found its second coming.  My parents hung on to these chairs for years, re-upholstering them to match their various room themes.  As you can see, the last colour scheme was pink...and grey.  This was around twenty years ago.  Since then, the stuffing has been flattened to mm thick.  The varnish is peeling off and the upholstery has holes.  I thought I'd fling them out.  Buy some new chairs, which match and look great.  Not too new looking though.  Maybe the kind of chair which has been distressed, which has paint rubbed off to give them that pre-loved lived in look.  Hang on...

My trendy friend previously told me that these chairs were cool and had potential.  She also mentioned casually that if I didn't want them, then she did.  Never one to give away something which someone else wants; I am going to save them.  Sand down, paint up, and re-upholster.  Sounds like lots of work.   

So today is the fist day in my rescue operation.  But the question is: am I wasting my time - or have these chairs got life in them yet?

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

The dinosaurs are coming!

Yes, the dinosaurs are coming, but not to worry, they are certainly not scary!  Designed for the little guys who know their stegosaurus from their brontosaurus, these nursery art pictures help encourage their imagination and education.