Saturday, 5 March 2011

Shabby Chic - or just Shabby?

Shabby Chic - or just shabby?
This chair is old...but not quite old enough.  Bought in the late '60's it is not quite retro enough to have found its second coming.  My parents hung on to these chairs for years, re-upholstering them to match their various room themes.  As you can see, the last colour scheme was pink...and grey.  This was around twenty years ago.  Since then, the stuffing has been flattened to mm thick.  The varnish is peeling off and the upholstery has holes.  I thought I'd fling them out.  Buy some new chairs, which match and look great.  Not too new looking though.  Maybe the kind of chair which has been distressed, which has paint rubbed off to give them that pre-loved lived in look.  Hang on...

My trendy friend previously told me that these chairs were cool and had potential.  She also mentioned casually that if I didn't want them, then she did.  Never one to give away something which someone else wants; I am going to save them.  Sand down, paint up, and re-upholster.  Sounds like lots of work.   

So today is the fist day in my rescue operation.  But the question is: am I wasting my time - or have these chairs got life in them yet?


  1. Oh, hang on to them for sure. Get some fabric you love and they'll look amazing!

  2. Yes - I think you may be slightly better at this kind of thing than me!!!

  3. Most certainly hang onto them, re-upholster, but probably not paint and enjoy them as they begin a new life. xx