Tuesday, 22 March 2011

New Babies Galore!

 Spring has definately sprung, and my friends are all having babies.  Along with the all new bairns comes new Baby Birth Print ideas.  I have immortalised one of my sons favourite teddies and Ted is now available by himself, as a Baby Birth Print, as a christening gift block - and in any colour at all, (but predictabley in pink and blue).

I also had a dedication request, which is similar to a christening or a naming ceremony.  I asked for some information from the Pastor and ended up with lots of highly relevant material - aargh.. almost too much.  After many hours in the shed, I finally emerged with a dedication block which I think is gorgeous!

Dedication...it's what you need!


  1. A great blog, i am enjoying reading it.

  2. Absolutely LOVE our blockart, want to get ones for the boys as well as and when I can afford it!

    Lov S.A.M

  3. This work is fab Kirsty! Beautiful, you are a very talented lady

    Pen from peekaboogifts4kids.co.uk