Monday, 11 April 2011

Butterflies, Lavender, and Bears...Picnic time!

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise!  Have a teddy bear picnic with some of the gorgeous crafts I discovered in Midlothian.


The first discovery is a lady called Margaret, who makes Bears out of old blankets.  They are all jointed and beautifully made.  Sadly I can't show any pictures as Mage is not computer savvy.  However she will be at Midlothian Crafters next few fairs so keep your eyes peeled.

The second is Stable Cottage Glass.  Who knew so many mums at my primary school were so talented?  Fiona makes the most divine, retro and funky stained glass.  Prints of butterflies and spots with ribbons galore makes the end result very moreish.  I have already bought one piece, and have my eye on other bits already!  Fiona has a fast turn around too, so one to keep in mind for last minute pressies.

Last but not least, I found the most heavenly scented soap and lotions, made in the incongrious old mining town of Bonnyrigg, (which is where I grew up!). It is not a place I associate with hand made, naturally sourced ingredients, or with classy, modern packaging, but here it is!  The soap looks like slices of tablet, the lotions looked like whisked cream, and the smells transported me to a spa...

For Fiona's Stable Cottage Glass, see her Etsy shop here:


  1. Hi, Thank you so much for adding my work to your gorgeous blog, (I now have blog envy!) I hope you enjoy your spotty butterfly, happy crafting, F x
    p.s. I bought some a shampoo bar from Lavendersgreen and it is lovely!

  2. I do enjoy your butterfly - the only bit of the house which is mine all mine and not a boy/football/muddy handprint is getting near it!

  3. That butterfly is beautiful, love it! :) x

  4. I am so glad you found me, I love a bit of Scottish craft!! My folks live in the Borders now so when Im up I mooch around the Flat Cat in Lauder and Hairstaines and anywhere else my mum takes me :)

    Love your website, Im off to look at that pretty stained glass site and get Husband's wallet out!