Monday, 13 June 2011

Are you green with envy yet?

When you finish reading this you will be green with envy.  Fir tree green!  I have bought my advent caleder - but not just any old calender.  This is an heirloom, a tradition in the making, mornings by the fire, fights at breakfast over who gets to look in the pocket...
Hand made to last a lifetime

These advent calenders are hand sewn by Sasha McMillan who designs and makes felt and fabric decorations, bunting, garlands and patchwork quilts.  Infact, Sasha recently won a prize for her quilting, which you can see on her blog, Cold Comfort Crafts.
Incredibly detailed decorations

Mine has the red numbers

Last years

Excited!  Yes I am!
 Each pocket houses a decoration and every day you pick one from the appropriate pocket and the tree becomes more and more decorated!  Sasha also mentions that the pockets are large enough to accomodate a sweetie too, so it will suit everyone in my house!
What detail....

I know Christmas is far away, but if you take a look at Sasha's great blog, then you will notice that she does all kinds of amazing quilts, personalised ones for new babies, groovy toddler ones - and of course, if you are suffering from Advent Calender Envy (and I know you are!) then get your order in quick!!!

You can contact Sasha through her brilliant blog:

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  1. You're too kind!

    Your snowflake advent calendar will be winging its way to you as soon as I get my hands on more green bias binding this week!

    Love your blog and all the Japanese dolls... perhaps next year's advent calendars could have Japanese rather than Russian dolls... hmmm...