Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Get rid of the fluff - navel art is here!

A navel contour jigsaw

Digital pictures

As you know, I love to find local crafters and artists to mention on this blog.  Here I am in complete awe of artist Julie Read, who graduated from Fine Art and who's works have been displayed in group and solo exhibitions around the world, and public and corporate bodies; such as the National Library of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, International Portrait Gallery in Tuzia, Bosnia, and Karelian State Museum Permanent Collection, Russia.   Julie has now decided to turn her attention to portraits, but unusual ones! 
How to get the images!

Using casting methods to capture the gradients of your tummy button, Julie then creates digital images, and also 3D jigsaws.

I love the final images and the fact that the pictures are very personal but can be displayed anywhere.  A lovely gift for your mum or from children.  Definately on my wish list.

Find Julie here:


  1. How unusual! Really shudder to think of what mine would look like though, it's nae bonny at the moment post-baby!

  2. Gosh what a weird but wonderful concept. My belly button has developed its own little hoodie these days so it's more suited to Embarrasing Bodies than wall art