Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cradle to Cradle Design

My Studio!
Recently, Blockart have been trying to address it's environmental policy.  This is what we have come up with:

Blockart started business using MDF blocks to mount our art work on.  However we have sourced a new and environmentally friendy wood fibre board.  The wood is sourced from forest waste, residue from timber mills and recycled pine. The production site has zero carbon emissions. During manufacture, organic dyes are added.  The fibre board is classified E1 (very low formaldehyde) and has been approved by the British Standards Association for the safe use in the manufacture of children's toys.

Blockart packs all it's products in recycled brown gift boxes and these are wrapped in recycled brown paper.  All the blocks are packed in recycled crinkley paper to keep the block safe through the post.

In our studio, Blockart recycles all paper, plastic, tin and glass.  We even compost our tea bags and fruit peelings and cores!

We still have some areas to make improvement to, and are always looking for the most environmentally sound alternative for our processes.

Recently we were introduced to the concept of Cradle-to-Cradle design, which essentially asks how the product 'becomes' and then how the product 'ends', and can we reduce the waste produced by the product at any point.

This is a lengthy process and we will be updating this blog with more information on our Cradle to Cradle initiatives.

If you have any ideas about how we can become more 'green', please let us know!

Thanks to Dotty hearts community for their guidance.


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  2. That all sounds great to me, any little step is a big step in the scheme of things...
    Beautiful blog by the way! Emma